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Dr. Georg Wolff

2016 - 2019

Dissertation: "Clusters, collaboration, and competition: A social network approach"

Aktuelle Tätigkeit: 


Dr. Eva Kesternich

2015 - 2019

Dissertation: "Regional Patient-Sharing Networks of Outpatient Healthcare Providers: Structure, Proximity, and Complementarity"

Aktuelle Tätigkeit: Referentin im Netzwerkmanagement für die Virtuelles Krankenhaus NRW gGmbH

Carlos Sandoval

Dr. Carlos Sandoval

2015 - 2019

Dissertation: "The internationalization of small and medium-sized firms as a result of the top managers’ characteristics"

Aktuelle Tätigkeit: Lecturer and Researcher an der San José State University

Carlos Sandoval

Dr. Michael Wältermann

2016 - 2019

Dissertation: "Levels, structures, and drivers of collaborative relations within and across regional clusters: A multi-level social network analysis"

Aktuelle Tätigkeit: Management-Beratung Financial Advisory bei Deloitte

Michael Wältermann

Dr. Natalie David

2013 - 2017

Dissertation: "Workers, Work, and Coworkers: How Organizational Psychology Interacts with Employees’ Embeddedness in Knowledge Exchange Networks"

Aktuelle Tätigkeit: Associate professor, EM Strasbourg Business School / University of Strasbourg

Georg Wolff

Dr. Julia Brennecke

2011 - 2014

Habilitationsschrift (2017): "Organizational networks in knowledge-intensive settings"

Aktuelle Tätigkeit: Senior Lecturer in Innovation and Knowledge Management an der University of Liverpool

Georg Wolff

Dr. Michael Strenge

2009 - 2012

Dissertation: "Social Networks and Entrepreneurial Orientation: An Empirical Investigation in Technology Clusters"

Aktuelle Tätigkeit: Senior Data Scientist bei Vodafone