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Unternehmenstheorie (Dr. Oliver Roßmannek)

Hinweis: Mit Rücksicht auf internationale Studierende wird die Veranstaltung in einem hybriden Mix aus Deutsch und Englisch stattfinden. Alle Kursinformationen, die gesamte Kommunikation und die Folien werden auf Englisch bereitgestellt. Alle Audio-Kommentare werden auf Deutsch bereitgestellt. Die Klausur wird auf Deutsch UND auf Englisch bereitgestellt (d.h. Studierende sehen immer beide Sprachen). Auch die Tutorien werden auf Deutsch und auf Englisch bereitgestellt.

Note: With regard to international students, the course will be held in a hybrid mix of German and English. All course information, all communication and all slides are provided in English. All audio commentaries will be provided in German. The exam will be provided in German AND in English (i.e. students will always see both languages). The tutorials will also be provided in German and English.

The course „Unternehmenstheorie“ is designed to introduce students to the field of strategic management. This includes aspects like strategy formulation, organizational structures, or corporate governance. In the course, I try to answer questions like “why do companies need a vision?”, “how does the industry affect the behavior of companies?”, “what are the risks of mergers and acquisitions?” or “how can a company/organization prevent misconduct?”.

Quick FAQ:

How much ECTS can I get? => 6 ECTS

What do I have to do in order to get the ECTS? => Passing the exam at the end of the semester.

When does the course take place? => Whenever you want. Due to COVID-19, there will be no lectures within the university. Moreover, there are also no live sessions. We will record all lectures and tutorials. You can hear them, whenever you want. We will start recording at the end of October and we hope to finish until the end of the year. The only exception to the ”no-live-session-rule” will be a weekly session where the tutors answer questions (beginning in January). However, these sessions are only for your questions and it is no obligation to attend. More information on the weekly live sessions will be posted until the end of the year within the ILIAS course.

How can I participate? => All information and all communication is provided over the ILIAS course. Hence, I will not upload any additional information on this homepage. Please join the ILIAS course as soon as possible.

How can I join the ILIAS course? => There are two ways to join the ILIAS course with the beginning of the semester (November 2nd). Most students should be able to find the course in the HISinOne system. Just attend the course in HISinOne, you should automatically join the ILIAS course. For some students (usually originating from other faculties), the HISinOne method does not work. In this case, just search for the course “Unternehmenstheorie” in ILIAS (or go to: „Magazin => Lehrveranstaltungen aus HISinOne => Wintersemester 2020 => Institut für Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Schwerpunkt Ordnung und Organisation der Wirtschaft, Abteilung Organisation und Personal-VB => Unternehmenstheorie (-)“). You can join the course there directly. The password is “password”. However, please first try the HISinOne method (otherwise you may will not be able to evaluate the course).

How can I attend the exam? => Please be aware that joining the ILIAS course does NOT mean that you automatically attend the exam. Registration for the exam is a completely independent process organized by the examination office (“Prüfungsamt”). For more information, please see the website of the examination office ( Please do not contact me for specific questions regarding the registration of the exam (that is the responsibility of the examination office). If the online registration for the exam does not work (sometimes the case for students from other faculties), you should contact the examination office.

I am from another faculty (law, philosophy, biology, …), can I attend the course? => Yes, everyone can attend this course. I do not make any restrictions about who or how much students attend this course. However, please be aware that this does NOT mean that you have the right to get the ECTS. So please check with your examination office (“Prüfungsamt”) or study advisor (e.g. “Studienfachberatung”) if this course can be credited in your case. I do not have the responsibility to decide that. If you need a specific certificate for your faculty, I can fill this out if you pass the exam.

Why is all that so complicated and bureaucratic? => That is a really good question…